shop floor

these are the curent products we are making for sale to the public

5r55 converter alignment tool
this tool is sold with the pump alignment tool as a set for $195.00
5r55 pump alignment tool.

the pump alignment ring is sold with the converter tool as a set.

here you can see the converter  and pump tool in use.  sorry for the poor photo crop!
604 l&r tool

the 604 low and reverse spring compressor has worked out great, over 500 tools have been sold world wide, with out a single failure or return!
the tool is $80.00 with shipping.

converter pressure testers,

my converter testers are machined from 6160 aluminum have a side exhaust for securing it in a press and a ball valve for safety.
testers are $79.00 with shipping.

cnc engraving

cnc engraving through black powder-coating.
for chix performance
prices for custom cnc engraving begin at $22.00 per hr. for cad-cam and $25.00 per hr. machine time

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this is an empty space where a picture of my chisel belongs, but if i post pictures of it, others will steal my ideas. sorry! this chisel is my own design and works like no other you have used! it dose not bite the edge of the bore and pops seals and bushings right out! the chisel price is $19.00 with shipping.

we make the hetrick harpcase.

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more soon.
more soon.